Welcome back to WTF. I haven’t written for a while and I’m gonna tell you why. These days, before you can write an article about the news the news changes. I can start writing a story and before I finish it there’s another update about the topic contradicting what the first article said. We have now categorized the news outlets as Fake, Conservative, Sleezy,  and just plain bullshit.  Fake apparently consists of CNN, CNBC, ABC, etc. Conservative, or somewhat truthful news would be FOX.  I haven’t decided if you can believe any of them, but FOX seems to come the closest. Fake news, real news, it doesn’t matter, it’s all insanely dramatic and it just keeps changing.  Nobody seems to be able to come up with the truth. Contradictions, misinterpretations, fabrications, lies, lies and more lies. What we can be sure of is that insanity has hit all the news media. Unless you can write a story, send it over social media, have everybody read it in about 15 seconds, the story will have changed and the writer that depended on the news media stories looks stupid.  If you think the writers look stupid, how about these idiot newscasters that make this shit up?

Some of these news stories are truly absurd. Take this FBI guy Strzok, one of the top guys at the FBI. Loves Hillary, hates Trump. When his girlfriend sent him a text asking him if Trump will become president, he replied “No, no he’s not, we’ll stop it” basically implying that he hates Trump and they’ll stop him from becoming President. He testified under oath that his comment was just a figure of speech. WTF? A figure of speech is more like, “I hate Trump” or “Hilary is a dike” or “Rocket Man is to fat to fly.”  That’s a figure of speech.  But “No, we’ll stop it!” is a statement of fact. So the guy meant what he said but the FAKE news media claimed he was honest and one congressman said the sleaze bag should receive the Purple Heart! WTF?  And if you watched any of his interview with Congress, you’d like to smack the pompous  asshole in the face. The taxpayers pay that scum and he’s got an attitude and a half. The guy is a total POS and to beat it all, he still has his job.

Is there anything redeeming about these news outlets?  Hell yes!  The FOX lineup of contributors are all gorgeous young girls wearing the shortest dresses they can find. More on that in my next article.

See you soon.

Howard, WTF!

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This whole story is absurd and should just go away. But, the Reverand Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, two scum of the earth pathetic excuses for human beings both claim that Officer Wilson had “no reasons to shoot” Mike Brown. So all the asses of the world are protesting. Brown just robbed some poor store owner and pushed him aside like a feather duster when the owner tried to stop him. Officer Wilson confronted Brown. By most accounts, Brown tried to attack and grab Officer Wilsons gun. Wilson fired to stop Brown. Brown, 6’4′ and 294 pounds came at Wilson. Wilson shot and killed Brown.

Was Wilson supposed to put his gun down and get the shit kicked out of him by Brown, or possilbly killed by Brown? Brown was a criminal that just robbed a store. BUT, Brown was black so it was okay? I don’t care if he was pink, white, yellow, green or black. He’s a criminal. He was a punk kid that got what he deserved for stealing from some poor guy trying to make a living. End of story. WTF!