I’m  the newest Kardashian, the son of K West,
I was born to Kim/Kanye, so you know I’m the best,
My name’s  Baby Saint, and when I go pee,
All you folks can watch me,  on Reality TV

I came from the womb, it was a real long ride
Mama Kim popped me out, you know I’m her pride,

Dinner time came, a cloud stood over my head,
But it was just my mom, rolling over in bed.
She reached in her jammies, and to my surprise.
Pulled out two balloons, with big pointed eyes.

She stuck one in my mouth, I damn near gagged,
There was white stuff coming, out of those bags.
I choked, I gurgled, I started to spit,
I suddenly realized, holy shit, its her tit.

I’m just a small baby, but lucky as hell,
Those boobs are huge, I suck them real well,
I fondle and kiss them, they don’t come no bigga,
I’m the new Baby Saint, and one lucky ……….

Congratulations to the Wests for a happy, healthy baby!

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    • Howard Baer
      Howard Baer says:

      Ok, Sophie, so I’ll admit I didn’t know what a strumpet was and had to look it up. It says “a female prostitute or a promiscuous woman.” Saint West is a boy. So you’re saying he’s going to grow up gay, a tranny? Explain!

        KKLAN SUCKS says:

        What does her being an untalented egotistical promiscuous greedy UNTALENTED (OH I SAID THAT ALREADY)..UNTALENTED MILLIONAIRE HAVE TO DO WITH HER “SAINT” GROWING UP TO BE GAY?

        • Howard Baer
          Howard Baer says:

          I didn’t say the kid would grow up gay. I was questioning the use of the word strumpet and what it meant when referring to the kid. But then again, there is Grandma/Grandpa Caitlin. WTF?

  1. Kyle Alabaster
    Kyle Alabaster says:

    I knew there was no way they would name the turd something semi normal, like Robert. I guess it’s just lucky for the poor little guy that they didn’t name him JC2 or Second Coming or something like that.


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