Seriously, what’s with these stupid shits? What sane person runs around the desert in 120° weather wearing black suits, beanies and full-face masks? Talk about sweating your ass off! How about their illustrious leader, a total schmuck whose mother probably dropped him on his head when he was born, that tells them that if they die killing innocent men, women and children, they’ll go straight to heaven.  And even better, these dumb fucks are told when they get to heaven, they’ll immediately be blessed with 72 virgins all for themselves. Talk about a pipe dream? These demented assholes rape every female they get the hands on when they take over a village. We normal guys throughout the rest of the world screw anything we can get our hands on that doesn’t have a dick. There are no virgins left anywhere! WTF are they thinking?

There are an estimated 200,000 ISIS  soldiers, so just to accommodate them,  there has to be over 14 million virgins up there in heaven. How in hell do these nitwits think there can be 72 virgins for each one of them? There’s no way there are 14 million virgins in heaven, no matter how ugly they are. I guess any guy that thinks a woman looks sexy walking around wrapped in 10 layers of rags and a bag over her face would believe anything. Don’t they know that when a chick has a bag over her face you’re off for a bad start to begin with?  Can you imagine how bad those women stink when you strip them down?

And what do the ISIS soldiers have to do to get to the 72 virgins?  They have to wear vests loaded with dynamite and blow the shit out of themselves. Those stupid fucks don’t even have any dicks by the time they get to those 72 virgins in the promised land.  Maybe that’s why there are still virgins up there. No dicky, no fuckee!


Howard WTF Baer.